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Team kapaMEALya


Name: Christian aka chris aka kuya chip aka ang colette

Twitter: @angcolette

Likes: real people

Dislikes: fake people

Favorite Filipino Food: Chicken adobo and ketchup spaghetti with hotdogs paired with pandesal and keso! “As a recent transplant from the east coast, where filipino food is not as prevalent, here in the bay area every filipino event and restaurant is an adventure and an experience for me.  So come join me and the rest of my kapamealya as we traverse the local filipino food landscape, together!” ___________________________________________________________________________________

Name: Albert Balbutin Jr.

Twitter: @Filipeanut


Likes: Long walks on the beach, pig’s blood, chicken feet, and duck fetuses.

Dislikes: Runny noses and coughing.

Favorite Filipino Food: Lechon manok / escabeche / krispy kang-kong / anything with bagoong “Visiting my mom in the Philippines every year and revisiting my dad’s history in America makes up for my desire to enjoy Filipino culture. While im still trying to figure out a way to travel and enjoy both my homes, KapaMEALya gives me the opportunity to eat and enjoy both without having to leave at all.” ___________________________________________________________________________________

Name: Joanne Boston aka Jo aka Boston

Twitter: @joanneisafoodie

Website: / Jo Boston is a Foodie

Likes: SJ Sharks, SF Giants, orange-colored beverages, Hello Kitty, baking red velvet cookie whoopies

Dislikes: liver (foie gras is an exception), feeling moded, missing the train, goat cheese

Favorite Filipino Food: Inang’s chicken adobo, Mom’s balatong, anything on a “kamayan” menu “I was born in SF and raised within 5 miles of SF. Though American-born, I am very interested in learning more about my Filipino self, my family, and my culture – my favorite way is through food since food brings people together and makes us happy! I am excited to collaborate with equally passionate people who take joy in organizing community events associated with food.” ___________________________________________________________________________________

Name: Richmark Cenizal Sy aka R1Ch

Twitter: @R1ChSy


Likes: You and the following World Champions: SF 49ers, SF Giants, Golden State Warriors, Manny Pacquiao

Dislikes: Sunburns, L.A. sports, bandwagon fans

Favorite Filipino Food: My Inang’s fried chicken (RIP), Real Kaldereta used w/ goat, Camiling style Corned Beef, Cavite’s Hal’aan (Clam) Soup “Born in San Francisco, raised in Daly City. I’m blessed to grow up an American Filipino. Definitely 2 cultures that makes me the charming person that I am today. With kapaMEALya I’m excited to help share the Filipino tradition, culture and food, help add twists and turns to it and inspire others not just locally but around the world. Everyone is welcome to be a part of The kapaMEALya.” ___________________________________________________________________________________

Name: Fred Briones

Twitter@mrfredbriones /@sisigblogger

Likes: spending time with my wife and kids, filmmaking, social networking, technology, AMC originals, my 69 mustang

Dislikes: Bay Area Sports, Pro Sports, rice rockets, douche bags, non-humble people

Favorite Filipino Food: Kare-Kare has to be my favorite dish because it reminds me of my grandparents spending the day preparing dinner. “Bay Area born and raised conscious Pinoy. I am an educator, creative, personal chef to my family and friends. My goal is to share my Filipino food adventure with all who wishes to open their minds. Filipino food doesn’t need to be traditional, new, fusion…it just has to be good! Peace.” ___________________________________________________________________________________

Name: Dean M. Alipio (aka Bro. Dean, aka Kuya Michael)

Twitter: @JediDMA

Likes: Bay Area Sports Teams, Food Truck Chasing, Star Wars

Dislikes: LA Area Sports Teams, Food Truck Missing, Stargate SG-1

Favorite Filipino Food: Palabok, Nilaga, Sisig “To think that there is more to the Filipino culture and the delicious food I grew up on, I thank all those who share their passion of faith, family, and food with others. I know that we are all connected, that we are all family, that we gather around the table and break bread together. It’s great to take time out and slow down to gather as a community and share our experiences with each other.” ___________________________________________________________________________________

Name: LeRoid David

Twitter: @LeRoid

Likes: Family time, sriracha, bittermelon, comic books

Dislikes: Spilling patis on my pants

Favorite Filipino Food: Chicken Adobo, Beef Nilaga, Bistek, Pinakbet “A dish is more than just a product… it’s an experience that can be shared with friends and family. That is what kapaMEALya is all about. Come on in, join the family, and let’s eat! Kain tayo!” ___________________________________________________________________________________

More team members (who are camera shy):  Lara Santoyo, Keaton KwanHull, Fer Fernandez, Cristina Santos, Christine Sacman, John Sacman, Arnold Gatilao ___________________________________________________________________________________

Do YOU want to be part of the team? We are in the SF Bay Area, but would love to expand across the country…and beyond! Contact us with:

  • where you are from
  • what you do for fun/work
  • your favorite Filipino Food
  • why you want to start a kapaMEALya chapter in your neck of the woods.
  • your idea of a great kapaMEALya event

Ready? - Apply here -

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