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Chip’s Blog – Saturday Morning Silogs!

Posted by AngColette on November 12, 2011

Growing up in the Philippines as a kid, you didn’t really eat a lot of cereals. I actually ate more cereals when I moved here to America in 1 month than I ever did my whole childhood. When you woke up in the morning in the Philippines, you didn’t grab a box or checked the fridge for milk, you just follow your nose to the kitchen and you can pretty much tell that something was fried that morning. Of course there are the old staple, tocino (marinated pork), tapa (cured beef), longanisa (sausage), and sometimes bangus (fried milkfish). The most common staple to be matched with rice (sometimes garlic rice) and egg are the meats from cans (corned beef, vienna sausage, SPAM)

True the Hawaiians love their all processed meat that is SPAM, but Filipinos not only like our SPAM, we also love our Vienna Sausages (My wife actually had a little cousin that only ate these sausages for months!). Libby’s Corned beef (this isn’t your Pastrami Corned beef status, this is some processed meat corned beef…. more on the next post), MaLing (anybody remembers these?) and of course those atomic pink hotdogs from PureFoods! Tender Juicy!

So now, even though I eat a decent amount of cereals on a regular basis, I still crave eating garlic rice, eggs, and processed meats for breakfast. Saturday Morning Silogs have never been tastier!

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