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Dining Do’s and Don’ts

1) Come on time. Though we are a Filipino foodie group, but we would like to start at a not-so-Filipino time. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the said start time. If you are late, please don’t get upset if the dinner has started already. The show must go on!

2) Bring extra funds. The price you paid on Eventbrite includes your meal price, tax, gratuity, and any additional taxes from host site. There may be drink specials at the restaurant, which will be on a separate tab, so bring extra cash.

3) Bring your electronic devices! YES! These are allowed at ALL meals – iPhones, Blackberries, Androids, DSLR’s, Point-and-Shoots, iPod Touch with Cameras, any phone with a camera, 35mm, Polaroid Instant Cameras, etc. The only thing we would appreciate you not using during the meals are handheld gaming devices and MP3 players…because that is just rude.

4) Share your pictures! If you have a SMART phone, be sure to post your pictures on Twitter, Facebook, and Foodspotting. Depending on the event, the host will assign a hashtag (#). When you update your status or upload a picture, please use that hashtag so it will be easy for us to look back and recap later on. Besides, wouldn’t you want your friends and family to be envious of your delicious meal?

5) Do NOT bring: an un-ticketed guest, your dog (unless it’s an outdoor event at the park, for example), your $5000 thingymabob, anything that will be truly missed if you lose it. While we take every precaution to protect your property during the event, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

6) Come open-minded. Much of the events’ excitement comes from the unknown. We sometimes don’t know the menu. We sometimes do know the menu, but don’t know the exact ingredients being used. The menus are Filipino-inspired, so if you are scared of eating the following: meat, blood, tropical fruits, fermented (fill in the blank), offal, fish sauce, pork belly, tofu, green leafy vegetables, unidentified flying objects, you may want to rethink before hitting the “order” button. However! If you are down to be wow’ed and surprised by this great cuisine, we welcome you!

7) Expect the media – sometimes a news crew, photographer, or film team will be on site to interview/photograph the team, venue crew, and dining guests. If we know in advance that members of the media will be present and taking photographs for publications, we will clearly mention it on the event page/invite. By purchasing the ticket, you are giving consent to the media and kapaMEALya to post your pictures online, in print, and on television…so look nice. =)

8 ) Have fun! These events and dinners are meant for people to socialize, network, mingle, etc. While the format of the dinner presentation is pretty structured (by courses), the social interaction is supposed to be casual and laid back. We are not a group that is afraid to laugh! We want you to be a part of our “kapaMEALya.”

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