Chip’s Blog – Serendipity

After a great #kapaMEALya dinner event at Mercury Lounge, Chef Dom Ainza sent us home with some leftovers. My favorite was the “Humba Empanadas”. Humba , a regional dish in the Philippines , has many different versions depending on the region. It is also similar to many different asian dishes. What it boils down to (yes, pun intended….)is Humba is usually braised pork belly, spiked with some brown sugar and soy sauce to give it that nice sweet savory flavor. Several asian countries also have their own version of this dish.

With a Filipino heart, you crave that Filipino flavor of course…. About to reheat my leftover humba turnover, I found a container of humba that @spelles mom had made several days before. Similar to adobo, humba has that aging factor, that the more it’s been seeping in its own sauce the better it tastes…. And that’s what you have here, empanada with humba filling paired with the OG humba. Old and the new collaborates….


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Chip’s Blog – Summer of Mangoes….

I love what @SenorSisig and @MrandMrsMiscellaneous is doing with their Friday Ice Cream series, they pick a certainFilipino flavor and they try to recreate it using Ice Cream. They’ve had several releases already, and some of the ones I can think of are polvoron (milk based powdery candy), San Miguel beer with roasted peanuts, and this time green mango with bagoong. I just love the way they are trying to get the flavor profiles…..

Interesting side effect of food is how it transports you to a previous time and place. I kinda wished the green mango ice cream was more tart because it reminded me of growing up in the Philippines one summer and eating nothing but mangoes. My parents had a farm that had several mango trees, and we pretty much hung out there the whole summer. Eating those small mangoes (paho, I believe is what they were called) with fish for lunch. Sweet mangoes for dessert. Sometimes we would just try to knock the mango down from the tree by using a rock or when available, a slingshot. These are usually the apple mangoes, the reddish mangoes you can get in the states as well. My parents had a lot of these, and they were good, but our favorite was the indian mango, smallish in size but concentrated in flavor, equal balance of tart and sweetness.

That was until I’ve been to Cebu, where mangoes are on a whole other level. 2007, one of our closest friends decided to tie the knot in the Philippines. Of course, most of us went. To make a trip out of it, since most of them lived in the Visayas region, we decided to visit each other’s hometown. Started in Bacolod, home of the world famous inasal na manok! (this actually warrants another post, that chicken is that good!!!!). We also visited Dumaguete and had some really fresh seafood. Now Cebu is an interesting place, it has the hustle and bustle of Manila and they have their own international airport, but it still has a provincial vibe.

Now, onto that picture you see above. We stayed at my friends’ house in Cebu and they have a big farm that had several Mango trees, I asked his dad how come the mangoes are covered. Now this part is awesome, like a Karate kid, grasshopper moment, he goes on and explains to me why the best Mangoes in the world are from Cebu. I’m not even gonna get into the cross-germination, or the terroir, but just that Cebuanos love their Mangoes. You see, they actually hire a kid that climbs the tree and covers each mango with a newspaper. Now I’m not talking about your regular old Manila Bulletin, or People’s tonight newspaper that will disintegrate when you sneeze on them, they use imported newspaper from the middle east because it’s a thicker paper stock, similar to “The FInancial Times” we get here in the United States. He said the newspaper protects the mangoes from bugs, insects and little kids with slingshots ;)

That is why when you go to a fruit market in Cebu, you will not see any mangoes with blemishes, nicks, or bruises. FLAWLESS!!!

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Fred’s blog: Tofu sisig recipe

Twitter has really introduced me to great groups of people, especially food bloggers and foodies. Actually, because of social media, the first annual AstigVegan Challenge was born. The challenge for the competitors was to create a dish that was Filipino inspired but totally vegan. Ok, no problem right? Right? I’ll just get some soy protein, simmer it in soy sauce vinegar with some garlic, bay leaves and pepper corn and presto…adobo! But that’s the obvious type of $#!% you would expect. I wanted to come out and represent the foodie in me and also my brand! Yup….according to one of my Foodbuzz Festival blogger sessions, my blog is my brand. So vegan sisig it was. (OK, i wanted to get fancy, so I also came up with vegan binagoognan with vegan bagaoong conjured up by my good friend, Chef Dom Ainza of Mercury Lounge – recipe to follow later…I promise!)
click here for the complete blog post and recipe

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Jo’s Blog – Memories from the Pantry

[In response to Chip's blog] On Saturday morning, I felt the urge to cook.  This feeling usually doesn’t come over me during the workweek, so I knew I had to take advantage of this motivation before it went away.

Jayla, my niece, loves to stay with me in the kitchen while I am at the stove.  She would go to the pantry and take out the containers of salt, pepper, and even jugs of oil (that weigh also as much as she does) for me to use.  This time, she was trying to reach for something on a high shelf. I went to help her and when I opened the cabinet, I was delighted to see what I was about to see:

Jayla wanted a can of Vienna sausages, but I was THRILLED to see the canned sardines.  They must be the dirtiest little fish on the face of this planet, but boy do I love them…especially when smashed into scrambled eggs.

I know a bunch of you are “ew”-ing me in your minds. It’s completely fine.  I grew up on canned goods and instant noodles for breakfast: sardines, Vienna sausages, SPAM (!!!), corned beef, Hormel beef stew, packaged pancit canton:


Inang was the best at making sure we had everything we needed for breakfast including condiments like vinegar, soy sauce fish sauce or little side dishes like salted egg with diced tomatoes. For me any canned food would be perfect with said accoutrements. I suppose I got the condiment wh*re gene from her. She was also the best at taking what we had already in the pantry and making masterpieces with them. One thing I learned from her is “corned beef picadillo” with potato and onion:

Anywho!  Uhhh yes, I totally digressed, but the cooking method was the same as how I prepared my little canned sardines.

I took the sardines, deboned them, and threw them in a pan where I was sauteing chopped garlic, onions, and tomatoes.  I also fried up some lumpiang Shanghai.  Scooped up some steamed rice, took out from spiced vinegar for dipping, color me happy.

Sorry, no picture. I got excited.

These breakfasts from the pantry reminds me of my childhood and the times I spent in PI.  I nearly orgasm’ed when I saw this wall of deliciousness at the supermarket in my province the Phils. Yup, that’s a whole wall of LUNCHEON MEAT! Amazeballs.

I swear SPAM gets a bad rap. Sure no one knows what the hell is in it, but sometimes I get a thrill from the unknown. The unknown tastes pretty damn good when fried up and coated in sugar. Uh-huh. If you don’t know, now you know.

Speaking more about the unknown: does anyone know why Filipino hot dogs are this strange tint of RED? They are so bright! I have seen hot dogs put in dishes and for some reason if there is hot dog in it, it’s automatically “Filipino:”  Sweet Pinoy Spaghetti, Pork Menudo, Sopas aka macaroni milk soup…

I remember when I was 8, my Uncle Freddie and I made a pizza by topping a Boboli premade crust with ketchup, sliced American cheese, and sliced hot dogs then microwaving it. It wasn’t very good.

While I do want to eat healthier, I have a special place in my heart for these things – the corned beef, SPAM, atomic red hot dogs.  I also remember my grandparents packing these into their balikbayan boxes when they traveled back to the Philippines.  It’s all very nostalgic to me and I remember so much from my childhood when I eat these pantry favorites breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


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Chip’s Blog – Saturday Morning Silogs!

Growing up in the Philippines as a kid, you didn’t really eat a lot of cereals. I actually ate more cereals when I moved here to America in 1 month than I ever did my whole childhood. When you woke up in the morning in the Philippines, you didn’t grab a box or checked the fridge for milk, you just follow your nose to the kitchen and you can pretty much tell that something was fried that morning. Of course there are the old staple, tocino (marinated pork), tapa (cured beef), longanisa (sausage), and sometimes bangus (fried milkfish). The most common staple to be matched with rice (sometimes garlic rice) and egg are the meats from cans (corned beef, vienna sausage, SPAM)

True the Hawaiians love their all processed meat that is SPAM, but Filipinos not only like our SPAM, we also love our Vienna Sausages (My wife actually had a little cousin that only ate these sausages for months!). Libby’s Corned beef (this isn’t your Pastrami Corned beef status, this is some processed meat corned beef…. more on the next post), MaLing (anybody remembers these?) and of course those atomic pink hotdogs from PureFoods! Tender Juicy!

So now, even though I eat a decent amount of cereals on a regular basis, I still crave eating garlic rice, eggs, and processed meats for breakfast. Saturday Morning Silogs have never been tastier!

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Fred’s blog- Low carb, sugar free, steel cut oat champorado

For a year, my breakfasts weekday breakfasts have consisted of non-fat cottage cheese and blue berries. Not very exciting at all especially considering I look at myself as a foodie. I have definitely grown to accept my healthy breakfast and sometimes I even imagine it being a bowl full of sisig. But who cares, just as long as it gets me closer to my high school body. Do I crave anything else for breakfast? Of course I do, but I won’t risk increases blood sugar and pre-diabetes to satisfy my appetite. Filipino food is my passion, and yes, sometimes the dishes call for ingredients that are not that great for diabetics of people trying to go for a low carb high protein diet. But that shouldn’t stop you from adapting the recipes to suit your needs or stay within your dietary guidelines.

Read more to get my recipe! You will be redirected to I Love Sisig: Filipino eats from your block 2 mine

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Jo’s Blog – I [Heart] Mung Bean Soup / Mungo / Balatong

It was at my friend (and fellow Filipino food advocate) Aileen of Kitchen Kwento who asked the question, “what is your FAVORITE food?” at her farm to table gathering in Santa Cruz last month. I was in the middle in the string of people to answer so I had a little bit of time to think of it.

Then it hit me.


Actually it was more of a “duh…”

Balatong is a soup made with mung beans. Depending on where you go in the Philippines dictates what it is called. My mom is from the Pangasinan province and they call it balatong while Tagalog speakers called it mungo/mongo.

It’s ultimate comfort food for me.

Read more on where to find it and how to make it! You will be redirected to Jo Boston is a Foodie.

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Pound 4 Pound – 11/20/2011

Good evening friends!

Exactly 3 weeks from tonight, we will be having our 4th Dining with Dom called “Pound 4 Pound” in homage to our favorite boxer Manny Pacquiao, the greatest pound for pound fighter!

Just think:  6 courses made with one pig!   Did you watch The Next Iron Chef tonight?  If you did, you will know that so many dishes can be created with a whole swine.

Chef Dominic will have 2 surprise guest chefs with him, so you don’t want to miss this!  Call it a tag team effort – meaning an enormous amount of talent will go into this meal…so are you ready?  

Buy your tickets by clicking the button below – you will be directed to the official Eventbrite page:

Register for  Pound 4 Pound  - a Pork Feast - DwD in San Francisco, United States  on Eventbrite

See you then!


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Alido’s Family Dinner on UStream TV!

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far!

In case you missed our last event on October 17th at Alido’s in South San Francisco, here is your chance to see the whole event on UStream! As you may or may not know, the hosts for the evening, Fred, Rich, and their tech assistant Vern set up a camera in the dining room and filmed the whole dinner for all the world to see live!

Didn’t see it live? No worries, here is the recorded stream!

Video streaming by Ustream

Have a great rest of your weekend and be ready for an event announcement in the next few hours!


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“Family Style” dinner at Alidos Island Flavor

Join KapaMealya  for another evening of delicious Filipino food on Monday, October 17th at 7pm. This time we focus on traditional family style cuisine, spotlighting the delicious creations from Alidos Island Grill. This 6 course dinner will feature a variety of signature dishes from the kitchen of chef Virgina Alido. There will be fun trivia, prizes and giveaways as well as live music. If you want to experience traditional Filipino food a don’t know where to start…this event is just for you.

Register for  Family Style  dinner at Alidos Island Flavor in South San Francisco, CA  on Eventbrite

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