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Long Time No See!

Posted by Joanne Boston on May 11, 2012

Oh my gulay!

It’s been a while! Manila Rice Rice and the krew are just catching our breaths. We have been doing tons of traveling and side projects. Our NYC trip a few weeks ago was EPIC!

We got to eat at Maharlika in the East Village, Purple Yam in Brooklyn, and even sipped on Pek Pek Juice at Cafe 81 in the East Village. We are so inspired by the unique interpretations of the Filipino food there and hope to carry that inspiration back to the Westside to create more Filipino food events here.

One awesome couple we met is Amy Besa and Chef Romy at Purple Yam, not only did they talk with us about their food, but they ate the food WITH us! Epic. Just. Epic.

We also talked about the future of Filipino food and what we can do to further promote it. I hope to have another event launched soon!

You can check it out my recap of our excursions by clicking the photo of amazing Filipino-inspired desserts below:

Other goodies:

We, our humble little group, was featured on the Pig Parts & Beer Blog run by the lovely Haydee and Karena. They are food bloggers in SoCal and we hope to meet up soon and collabo on a Filipino food event down there!

Check out the feature on Pig Parts & Beer HERE.

No, kapaMEALya is not patay. Like all things, we have changed as a group and I am hoping to restructure it so that we continue to promote Filipino food again here in the SF Bay Area. Thank you to all our kasamas for your support and friendships!


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