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I’m not Filipino, can I still join in on the dinners?

Of course!  We welcome EVERYONE!  The only requirement we have is that you’re HUNGRY!

What should I expect at your dinners?

Be prepared to have a good time!  We encourage our chefs to be as creative as they can with their menus.  Because each meal is different from the last, you’re going to have a different experience each time.


Why isn’t kapaMEALya in my city yet?

Since our group started in the San Francisco Bay Area we are currently tackling our local eateries, but if you would like to host a kapaMEALya event in your hood or have a suggestion on where we can go next, please contact us or better yet, apply to be part of our team!  We’d love to expand to other parts of the country and beyond!


My friend told me about a great dish they tried at one of the past dinners, will it be served at the next event?

Maybe, maybe not.  We try to make each meal different from the last by either visiting a different restaurant or having the chef prepare a menu specially for the event, but you may want to contact the restaurant to see if they offer the dish.  To see all the dishes we have served at our dinner events, visit our Foodspotting guide.


I am from a restaurant and would like to have a kapaMEALya event at my establishment, how can we set one up?

Great!  Please contact us directly at (415) 857-5255.

Didn’t see your answer here?

Please refer to our Useful Dinner Rules section for dining do’s and don’ts and what is expected of our diners.

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