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Empire State of Mind…and a Few More Changes

Posted by Joanne Boston on April 19, 2012

Hello all!

Yes, we have been neglecting this website for a little while. I admit, life happens and it’s definitely a learning process! As you probably have read on our Twitter, we (Chris, Lara, and myself) are heading to NYC this weekend!

If you are available for dinner this Sunday, please send us a DM on Twitter or an email! We do have a few spots open, so if you want to join us for good noshing time at Purple Yam, give us the heads up!

In the beginning of the year, the remaining members of the krew agreed to have fewer organized dinners and do more grassroots events like potlucks and charity events. We had a great potluck in February (check out the recap here by the lovely RG of Astig Vegan), great bonding time in Napa, and now heading to NYC to meet more people who are influential in the Filipino food community.

Speaking of the Filipino food community…the climate has changed here in the Bay Area. Two of our beloved restaurants – Mercury Lounge and Intramuros Restaurants both closed in the last few months. It’s heartbreaking because they have been our biggest supporters. Good news is that Chef Dom has found a new gig at Attic Restaurant in San Mateo and the fabulous Chef Cocoy is working his cute tooshie off as a private/event chef. I follow his posts on Facebook and his dishes are amazing!

We also have been considering working for the Filipino food community in ways to help it rather than profit from it. The knowledge and friendships we build is the ultimate prize, so it’s time to give back. I can’t divulge the information right now, but soon enough!

We are also thinking of ways to make this website more of a website than a blog. If you are a website guru, please contact me!

Until next time, friends, mabuhay!


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